Hi, I’m Lynne Feng.  I am a freelance illustrator and fabric craft designer based in England.

I like to create artworks using multimedia. I often use digital painting for commercial commissions. Also, I like to involve crafty embroidery into art design.


Humans are part of the nature. I love to immerse myself in all those beautiful objects in four seasons. I wish to remind people to slow down their steps with my work, where they may notice the beauty around us.


Throughout 12 years of art teaching, I designed more than 400 courses, mainly covering painting and craft. I love to share and teaching brings me lots of joy.


Published books and magazines: “Chinese Handicraft", "Women's Magazine", "Journey of Harmony", "Sisters of ceci", "Amoy World" (Hong Kong), "Kaka Handicraft", "Boutique Shopping Guide", "Yi Lin"  and Taiwanese novels such as illustrations in local newspapers and children's books.

Hand-painting/embroidery project: Kunlun Hotel, Beijing (5 star)

Hand-painted screen and a series of fabric design projects: Nanluoguo Hotel, Beijing

Most popular original brand of cloth art in China 2012

Member of British Association of Illustrators

Member of Shenzhen Illustrator Association

Founder of Amberlyn Co. (UK) Greeting Card brand

Founder of Amy’s DIY craft brand (China)

Qualified Interior designer and Soft Decor designer by the International Association of Architectural Decoration and Interior Design

Adobe's design software experts

For work contact, please email card@amberlynco.com